Bonaparte Iowa



May 20, 2023

Please have items out by 7:00 a.m

Items accepted: 
Items must be bagged or boxed (no barrels)

Miscellaneous household and un-wanted items
Windows and doors (limit of 2 each)
Regular household food waste
Carpet rolled and tied in 6ft length
Appliances -  washers, dryers, water heaters, refrigerators, a/c units, microwaves, and stoves. (Must be clean from food waste)
Miscellaneous scrap metal items
Used oil – 5 gallon limit
Dried latex paint ONLY

Items NOT accepeted:

Oil-based paint
Any and all chemicals
Concrete, bricks, or ashes
Construction or remodeling projects
We will not pick up piles of loose trash thrown at the curbside. We will not rake up or scoop up loose waste thrown on the ground.

Television and computer monitors must have a $20 Wemiga Waste sticker attached to them; you can purchase these at City Hall.

Questions, please call WEMIGA 319-986-6919

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